Theory & Hazard Perception Test
These tests are taken at the same time and you do not need your instructor present. Multiple choice questions are shown and the answer is picked by touching the screen. There 50 questions and you need to score 43 to pass then after the questions 14 hazard perception clips are shown and when the hazard evolves a computer mouse is pressed and a score is calculated depending on the speed of the response. You must score at least 44 out of 75 to pass this stage. We can provide learning material and help if required. The test has to be passed before a practical test can be booked.
Practical Test & Show Me Tell Me
The instructor will familiarise you with the test area and on the day of the test you will receive at least an hour beforehand to prepare (unless otherwise agreed). It is recommended to arrive at the Test Centre about 5 minutes before the designated time, you should not rush there and yet not be too early that you become stressed by the wait.

The examiner will announce your name and ask you to sign the declaration stating the car is insured for test purposes (rest assured all our instructors' cars are fully insured for tuition and test purposes). Please ensure you have both parts of your driving license with you or in the case of the old style paper license also some recognised photographic evidence (there is a list of suitable photo evidence on your appointment letter. e.g. passport). You should also bring your appointment letter and Theory Test pass certificate though they are not at this time mandatory.

 You will then be asked to lead the way to the car and will be required to read a number plate on the way. The "Show Me Tell Me" part of the test is very easy and you can obtain a full list of the question and answers on the DSA website. Your instructor will also test you on them and show you the relevant items if required. It will normally take place before the start of the drive but the examiner can require you to do it at any time before the end of the test. There are only 2 questions to be answered and only 1 driving fault is registered even if both are incorrectly answered. Be careful not to touch any hot or dangerous parts under the bonnet as this could be classed as a serious/dangerous fault.

The drive will last about 35 minutes on roads of varying speeds and conditions and you will have to show reasonable control of the vehicle and a good knowledge of the correct procedures for position, awareness etc. You will also be asked to do 2 reversing manoeuvres and possibly an emergency stop (only 1 in 3 tests). The examiner will try to put you at ease but will not talk to you unnecessarily in case it could upset your concentration but he will be entering marks on his sheet. You may ask the examiner to repeat any instructions and talk to them but they will not give any advice on your driving. At the end of the drive the examiner will add up the number of faults and let you know the result of the test. To pass you must not have more than 15 driving faults or any serious or dangerous ones.
Happy pupil who has just passed his driving test